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July Roundup: Pitching Prospects

Remember when this organization was all pitching prospects/no hitting prospects? Things have changed in a big way. Analysis c/o lou at http://soflamarlins.com/


Brett Sinkbeil RP
Season as Reliever - 30 IP, 3.90 era, 1.60 whip (33 H, 15 BB), 18 K, .289 BAA

Hayden Penn SP/RP
July - 22.1 IP, 7.66 era, 1.88 whip (31 H, 11 BB), 16 K, .337 BAA

Tim Wood RP
Season - 32.1 IP, 2.51 era, 1.36 whip (31 H, 13 BB), 28 K, .248 BAA

Andrew Miller SP
has been absolutely obliterated for 10 ER in 5.2 IP since being sent down.

Chris Mobley RP
Season - 41.2 IP, 3.24 era, 1.29 whip (47 H, 7 BB), 33 K, .283 BAA

So the quick wrap up. It’s looking like a real smart idea of putting Wood on the 40 man and protecting him from the Rule5 draft as he is turning in a quality season (whip is a little high, but whatever) between AAA/MLB levels. Penn is still horrific. Miller who the hell knows (and now he's hurt his ankle fielding a come backer). Mobley continues to put up solid numbers at every level. He probably won’t ever really see time with the Marlins as we have better RP prospects, but he has excellent control, decent GB rates (historically anyways), and could be a 4th or 5th righty out of the bullpen in a year or two. At least Sink is doing SOMETHING.

Jax (AA)

Aaron Thompson
- Traded for Nick Johnson (Good trade, hopefully Thompson gets a Sept callup in DC)

Christian Martinez SP/RP
July - 36 IP, 5.00 era, 1.44 whip (44 H, 8 BB), 18 K, .308 BAA

Graham Taylor SP
July - 20 IP, 8.10 era... and I don’t need to type the rest

Sean West
July - 15.1 IP, 5.28 era, 1.43 whip (16 H, 6 BB), 11 K, .267 BAA
Season MILB - 58 IP, 4.97 era, 1.51 whip (60 H, 28 BB), 61 K, .262 BAA, 12 HR, .74 GB/FB
Season MLB - 55 IP, 4.91 era, 1.47 whip (60 H, 28 BB), 29 K, .251 BAA, 7 HR, .65 GB/FB

Chris Leroux
Season - 42.1 IP, 3.19 era, 1.29 whip (42 H, 13 BB), 36 K, .259 BAA, -0- HR

Brad Stone
Season AA - 27 IP, 2.00 era, 1.03 whip (27 H, 1 BB), 16 K, .255 BAA

Grant Parcell
Season - 16.2 IP, .54 era, 1.14 whip (8 H, 11 BB), 17 K, .138 BAA

DL - Winters, Ceda, and Owens

So the quick wrap up. We lost our 2nd best lefty at the A+/AA/AAA levels with Thompson for Nick Johnson, but it’s not a huge loss. Graham Taylor has forgotten how to pitch since getting his ass handed to him in the bigs. Christian Martinez is down to earth and proving to be an organizational arm and nothing more. West has been consistently awful all year. I hope this is a byproduct of working intensely on offspeed pitches, because his FB rates have doubled (last year 1.40), and he’s giving up a lot more HR. Leroux has been up and down and having a solid year. Stone has jumped around a few levels, but has settled in nicely in Jax. A little old, but can’t argue with that control. Parcell is a sleeper RP prospect back from injury. The rust is to be expected a little bit, see those walks, but that’s a nice first 16.2 innings back from the shelf.


Alejandro Sanabia SP
July - 27.1 IP, 4.28 era, 1.28 whip (22 H, 13 BB), 15 K, .227 BAA
Season - 104.1 IP, 3.45 era, 1.20 whip (89 H, 36 BB), 68 K, .231 BAA, .87 GB/FB

Kris Harvey
Season - 56.1 IP, 3.83 era, 1.35 whip (50 H, 26 BB), 46 K, .235 BAA
July - Really ugly, 8+ era month

Steve Cishek
Season - 54 IP, 2.83 era, .87 whip (34 H, 13 BB), 43 K, .181 BAA, 1.97 GB/FB
Slowing down a little bit, 3.50 era over 28 IP June-July

Elih Villanueva SP
Season as SP - 126.2 IP, 2.98 era, 1.06 whip (122 H, 13 BB), 87 K, .252 BAA

Jeff Allison SP
Season as SP - 109.1 IP, 3.87 era, 1.31 whip (119 H, 25 BB), 56 K, .275 BAA

Jose Rosario SP
Season A+ - 94 IP, 2.68 era, .93 whip (66 H, 22 BB), 80 K, .195 BAA

Brett Harker SP/RP
Season A+ - 76.1 IP, 2.59 era, 1.06 whip (66 H, 15 BB), 40 K, .232 BAA

Sanabia had an OK month. I’d like to see more whiffs and more groundballs, but he’s still having a nice ‘breakout’ year and is easily one of our top 5 pitching prospects at this time. Harvey has finally hit the learning curve wall and got lit up the last month. Still, an incredible transition to a RP and maybe he has a true breakout performance next year. Cishek as I said, slowing down a bit, but he’s getting 2-1 groundballs and missing some bats. He and Parcell are probably the two sneaky future bullpen candidates we have. As for the other four, they should count their blessings they pitch in Jupiter. What a pitcher’s park.


Kyle Kaminska SP
July - 33 IP, 2.73 era, 1.15 whip (31 H, 7 BB), 17 K, .252 BAA
Season - 117 IP, 3.46 era, 1.30 whip (119 H, 34 BB), 88 K, .264 BAA, .87 GB/FB

Brad Hand SP
July - 30.1 IP, 4.15 era, 1.68 whip (45 H, 16 BB), 35 K, .299 BAA
May thru July - 81 IP, 4.33 era, 1.58 whip (91 H, 37 BB), 72 K, 8 HR

Pete Andrelczyk RP
Season - 53.1 IP, 2.36 era, 1.18 whip (50 H, 13 BB), 66 K, .244 BAA

Dan Jennings RP
Season - 46.1 IP, 2.91 era, 1.31 whip (41 H, 20 BB), 50 K, .244 BAA

Kaminska has really been killing people for 2 months now. His June line was very similar to his July line. It’s important to note how much of a launching pad GBO in, so any success here is very notable. Kaminska is poised for a big breakout in Jupiter next. Hand, and I am being very generous erasing his April which we will not speak of, has been OK all year. The walks are a major problem, but he’s striking out some guys and as he grows you’d hope he starts giving up less hits. Andrelczyk, and Jennings (whose a lefty) have been killing people all year out of the pen. There have also been a few other solid performances (Dorn 3.69 era/1.28 whip, Koehler 2.96 era/1.31 whip, Todd 3.00 era/1.04 whip), but these things take me awhile and I can’t cover every college guy dominating 19 year olds in A ball.

Jamestown (A-) and GCL Marlins (R)

To young to really track, but Sandy Rosario 42.1 IP/1.70 era/41 K, Stephen Richards (who is the one name I do know, he is a lefty reliever from Arkansas) 10.1 IP/2.61 era/10K, and Curtis Petersen 38 IP/4.03 era/29 K are throwing solid in Jamestown, and a bunch of guys (Estevez, Sprague, Eskew, Topp, Morales, Hernandez, Chirinos) are dominating the GCL. Your guess is as good as mine to whether these guys hold up at future levels, but it’s safe to say all of these names are 4-5 years away if any of them pan out into legitimate prospects.

Ryan Tucker
Start 1 - 5 IP, 2 ER, 3 H, 5 BB, 3 K
Start 2 - 6 IP, 3 ER, 6 H, 2 BB, 2 K

Pitched 2 games for the GCL. Slowly coming back.

First and Second round picks in 2009, James and Berglund, are not pitching. Or even signed.

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