Wednesday, May 20, 2009

May 20th Daily Wrap

Jacksonville beats Carolina, 5-2
  • Lorenzo Scott: 3/5 r 2b rbi k sb(6)
  • Andy Jenkins: 1/4 sb(3)
  • Lee Mitchell: 0/4 r
  • Bryan Petersen: 0/4
  • Scott Cousins: 0/4 r
  • Brad Davis: 1/4 r 2b rbi
  • Aaron Thompson: (W, 2-5) 6ip 7h 2r(2er) 2bb 3k hr
  • Ronald Hil: 2ip 1h 0r bb k
  • Matt Peterson: (S,8) 1ip 0h 0r bb 0k

Jupiter beats Sarasota, 3-2 in Game 1 of a DH
  • Greg Burns: 1/3 3b 2rbi k
  • Hunter Mense 2/3 r
  • Michael Stanton: 1/2 2b rbi bb
  • Matt Dominguez: 0/3
  • Ryan Curry: 2/3 r
  • Jameson Smith: 1/2 r bb
  • Elih Villanueva: (W, 3-4) 5ip 7h 1r(1er) 0bb 3k
  • Kyle Gunderson: (S,3) 2ip 2h 1r(1er) 0bb 0k

They lose game 2, 4-2
  • Greg Burns: 1/4 k
  • Hunter Mense: 1/4 po
  • Michael Stanton: 1/3 r bb k
  • Matt Dominguez: 1/3 2rbi
  • Miguel Fermin: 1/3
  • Ryan Curry: 2/3 r 2b sb(2)
  • Kris Harvey: 3ip 1h 0r 0bb k
  • Steven Cishek: (L, 1-2) 2.1ip 3h 3r(1er) 0bb 3k
  • Andrew Battisto: 1.2ip 2h 1r(0er) 0bb 4k

Greensboro loses 5-1 to Lake County
  • Kevin Mattison: 1/4 sb(12) po
  • Dan Pertusati: 0/4
  • Jake Smolinski: 0/4 k
  • Ben Lasater: 2/3 bb
  • Jeremy Synan: 1/4
  • Kyle Skipworth: 0/3 k
  • Justin Jacobs: 1/2 r bb sb(3)
  • Torre Langley: 0/3 k
  • Joel Staples: 1/3 rbi
  • Brad Hand: (L, 2-4) 6ip 6h 4r(2er) 0bb 4k hr
  • Andy Loomis: 2ip 3h 1r(1er) 0bb 0k
  • Jared Yecker: 1ip 1h 0r 0bb 0k
PCL had the night off

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

May 19th Daily Wrap

New Orleans loses 5-1 to Portland
  • John Raynor: 1/4
  • Cam Maybin: 1/4 po
  • Brett Carroll: 1/4 k
  • Manuel Mayorson: 0/3 k
  • Dan Barone: (L, 2-4) 6ip 5h 2r(2er) 2bb 3k
  • Brett Sinkbeil: 1ip 1h 0r bb 0k
  • Jay Buente: 1ip 1h 1r(1er) 0bb k hr
  • David Davidson: 1ip 0h 2r(0er) 2bb 0k

Jacksonville loses 3-0 to Carolina
  • Lorenzo Scott: 0/4 3k
  • Andy Jenkins: 1/3
  • Lee Mitchell: 0/3 2k
  • Bryan Petersen: 0/3
  • Scott Cousins: 1/3
  • Brad Davis: 0/3 k
  • Kyle Winters: (L, 0-1) 5ip 9h 3r(2er) 0bb 5k
  • Chris Leroux: 3ip 0h 0r bb 2k

Jupiter loses 5-1 to Fort Myers in Game 1
  • Greg Burns: 0/4
  • Michael Stanton: 1/3 k
  • Matt Dominguez: 0/3
  • Hunter Mense: 0/3
  • Miguel Fermin: 1/3
  • Ryan Curry: 1/3
  • Alejandro Sanabia: (L, 3-1) 5.2ip 7h 5r(3er) 0bb k
  • JC Marinez: 1.1ip 0h 0r bb 2k

Jupiter wins game 2, 7-0
  • Greg Burns: 1/3 r bb k
  • Hunter Mense: 3/4 r 2b rbi
  • Michael Stanton: 2/4 2b 2rbi 2k
  • Matt Dominguez: 1/3 r 2k
  • Miguel Fermin: 0/3 r k
  • Ryan Curry: 1/3 r 2b
  • Jose Rosario: (W, 1-1) 6ip 1h 0r bb 8k... 23 years old, 17ip 6h 1er 5bb 16k since callup from Boro
  • Jay Voss: 1ip 2h 0r 0bb 0k

Greensboro beats Lake County, 4-1
  • Kevin Mattison: 0/4 bb k sb(11)
  • Paul Gran: 0/3 r bb k sb(4)
  • Jake Smolinski: 2/4 r
  • Ben Lasater: 0/4 k
  • Dan Pertusati: 3/4 r 2b rbi
  • Justin Jacobs: 2/4 r rbi k
  • Justin Bass: 0/4 2k
  • Torre Langley: 0/3 bb
  • Graham Johnson: (W, 1-0) 5.1ip 3h 1r(1er) bb 4k
  • Bryan Evans: 1.2ip 0h 0r 0bb k
  • Dan Jennings: 1ip 1h 0r 0bb 0k
  • Pete Andreczyk: (S,7) 1ip 2h 0r bb 2k

Monday, May 18, 2009

May 18th Daily Wrap

New Orleans loses 2-1 to Portland in 12
  • John Raynor: 1/4 r 2b k
  • Manuel Mayorson: 0/4
  • Brett Carroll: 0/5 k
  • Brett Hayes: 1/4 2b
  • Brett Harker: 4ip 5h 1r(1er) bb 4k hr
  • Brad Stone: 3ip 2h 0r 0bb 0k
  • Chris Mobley: 3ip 1h 0r 0bb 2k
  • Levale Speigner: (L, 2-1) 2ip 2h 1r(1er) 0bb k hr

Jacksonville loses Game 1 to Carolina, 3-2
  • Lorenzo Scott: 1/4 2k
  • Andy Jenkins: 1/4 r .... hitting .295 with no power
  • Lee Mitchell: 0/2 bb k
  • Scott Cousins: 0/1 k
  • Bryan Petersen: 0/2 bb k
  • Graham Taylor: 5ip 3h 2r(1er) 4bb k
  • Willie Glen: (L, 1-2) 1.1ip 2h 1r(1er) bb 0k

Jacksonville wins game 2, 4-1
  • Lorenzo Scott: 3/4 2b k
  • Lee Mitchell: 0/4 r k
  • Bryan Petersen: 1/3 r 2bb 2sb(7)
  • Scott Cousins: 0/4 r bb k sb(9)
  • Sean West: 6ip 3h 1r(1er) 2bb 6k hr
  • Kasey Olenberger: (W, 1-1) 3ip 1h 0r 0bb 2k
  • Matt Peterson: (S,7) 1ip 1h 0r 0bb k

Greensboro beats Lake County, 6-5
  • Kevin Mattison: 1/4 r bb k sb(10)
  • Daniel Pertusati: 1/4 r 2k
  • Paul Gran: 1/4 2r k
  • Ben Lasater: 1/4 r rbi k
  • Jake Smolinski: 1/3 r 2b 3rbi bb
  • Kyle Skipworth: 1/3 rbi bb k
  • Jeremy Synan: 0/4 3k
  • Justin Jacobs: 2/3 rbi k
  • Tom Koehler: (W, 2-2) 5.1ip 3h 2r(2er) 7bb 5k
  • Wade Korpi: 2ip 1h 1r(1er) 2bb 3k
  • Andy Loomis: .1ip 1h 0r 0bb k
  • Pete Andrelczyk: (S,6) 1.1ip 2h 2r(2er) 0bb 4k hr

Jupiter was rained out

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Things that have annoyed me this season

Pretty much what the title says. I was sitting around stewing over the lack of Josh Willingham and I started just thinking of things in my head that I was annoyed with. So here's my list, and I'm sure you guys will have your own things.

Things that have annoyed me this season
  • Cam Maybin not hitting earlier in the lineup. I realize that he showed nothing in his stint in 2009, but he was very solid in his cup of coffee to end the 2008 season, and yet for some reason he was seen hitting 8th for most of his time in 2009. I'm of the group that believes you give your best prospect some protection, not bat him 8th.
  • Emilio Bonifacio STILL batting leadoff. Are you absolutely kidding me? Who in their right mind leads off with a guy that is hitting .250/.298/.311 in 141 plate appearances. Since April 9th, he's now hitting .172/.238/.194 in 101 plate appearances. Yea, we get it, he runs really fast. Oh wait, what happened to that speed recently? He's looked terrible in his steal attempts, getting caught his last 3 attempts. And they haven't even been close. It's beyond irresponsible that he is steal the leadoff man, let alone on the 25 man roster at this point in the season
  • Benching John Baker against lefties. Fine, I get it, he struggles against lefties. I have no issues with him getting a day off against lefties. My issue is with the fact that Ronny Paulino, a lefty masher, hits 8th when he gets those starts. Why the hell is someone with a career .926 OPS against lefties hitting 8th in the order? Does Fredi and Co not have access to splits? For the love of Benito Santiago, can someone please print him out some splits and staple them to Carlos Tosca's forehead?
  • Why does Alfredo Amezaga get first billing in the outfield over Brett Carroll? Amezaga is a career .652OPSer and it's an even worse .513 against lefties. I realize Brett Carroll is no prized prospect, but he has shown that he's got some pop in his bat (in the minors) and his defense is definitely above average. Add in his epic arm, and he's a big step up all around from the Amazing one. But go ahead Fredi, keep giving Fredo that weekly start in CF, thanks
  • You have two guys (Baker and Hermida) that are absolute walk machines. Do not bat them in the 5 hole or lower. There is no reason for this. Yea, Hermida is no showing much power right now, so take advantage of the fact he's getting on base 40% of the time. Batting him 8th is borderline retarded.
  • And finally we visit our old friend Wes Helms. He's absolute crap. He's got a career .750 OPS but he hasn't topped .665 three seasons running. Fine, whatever you need a veteran. Who the hell signs Wes Helms to a 2 year guaranteed deal at about $1mil per season. Wouldn't you have loved to be in the Marlins war room when deciding about this Wes Helms deal? Beinfest, Hill, Jennings, Samson and perhaps even Loria are all sitting around the table, having some nachos when the fax comes in from Helms agent saying that Wes would love to come back to the Marlins. Then everyone erupts into jovial cheers that their veteran presence will be back in black and teal for 2009. But wait, how can we make this even better Beinfest says? And with that, Mike Hill suggests a 2 year deal will cement Wes as the best veteran presence this side of Nomar Garciaparra. Let's gives him a 2 year guaranteed deal at just under $2mil less than Josh Willingham. It's brilliant. I'm gonna go bash my face into a wall until this deal makes some sense.

Feel free to add in your own stuff. This could be a fun list by years end.

Checking in on the top 50 hitters...

1. Cameron Maybin - Majors
Really had a rough go of it in the majors, hitting just .202/.280/.310. He showed terrible plate discipline and rarely hit the ball with authority. Cam was sent down to AAA New Orleans to try and regain his confidence (and perhaps hit a breaking pitch)

2. Logan Morrison - Jacksonville
Fractured his thumb, out up to 2 months

3. Michael Stanton - Jupiter
Continues to hit the ball hard with the Hammerheads. He's hitting .281/.364/.553 with 7 homeruns, 14 walks and 29 strikeouts.

4. Matt Dominguez - Jupiter
Still struggling in in the FSL with a line of .233/.295/.319 in 116 at bats. He has just 1 homerun, to go with 10 walks and 25 strikeouts. In his last 40 at bats, he's hitting just .200 with 2 doubles, 2 walks and 9 strikeouts

5. Gaby Sanchez - New Orleans
Out with a knee injury for the next 4-6 weeks. Hitting .345/.414/.517 in 87 at bats before injury

6. Chris Coghlan - New Orleans
Came on strong over the past several weeks, OPSing .944 before getting called up to the bigs over the weekend. He'll play second, third and left field with the Fish.

7. Kyle Skipworth - Jupiter
In the SALLY, Skip is hitting just .176/.225/.284 in 74 at bats. He does have 5XBH but just 5 walks to 27 strikeouts. Definitely a little concerning.

8. Scott Cousins - Jacksonville
Power has started to come around in May, and now sits at .243/.317/.402 in 107 at bats. His last 10 games, he's hitting .310 with 7XBH with 3bb and 9k

9. Jake Smolinski - Jupiter
Came back a few weeks earlier than anticipated. He's 1 for 10 with 1bb and 2k

10. Isaac Galloway - Greensboro
After a strong start with the Grasshoppers, Galloway has struggled as of late and now finds himself on the DL. He was hitting .286/.325/.442 in 77 at bats

11. Bryan Petersen - Jacksonville
Another Suns outfielder struggling to hit for power in the Southern League, Petersen is hitting .264/.325/.377 with just 7 extra base hits in 106 at bat

12. John Raynor - New Orleans
He had a .602 OPS when we first checked in on JR, and things haven't gotten any better over the past 70 at bats or so. He's hitting .225/.287/.315 in 111 at bats with no signs of any power and he has just 9 walks to 25 strikeouts

13. Thomas Hickman - Jupiter
He's still struggling mightily in the FSL, hitting just .129/.274/.229 in 70 at bats. He does have an impressive 14 walks, but also has struck out 33 times

14. Greg Burns - Jupiter
He's hitting just .253/.355/.358 in 95 at bats so far with the Hammerheads. No one has questioned his ability to walk, but his lack of hitting and 0 power could be his downfall.

15. Jai Miller - New Orleans
Repeating the PCL, Jai is off to a .254/.354/.373 start with the Zephyrs. He's gotta start showing some more power, but considering he's on the 40 man roster, he'll be one of the first up to the big club if an outfielder goes down with injury. He's on the DL right now.

16. Paul Gran - Greensboro
The ultimate utility man is hitting .262/.333/.346 in his first 107 Greensboro at bats. Hitting just .194 over his last 10 games

17. Torre Langley - Greensboro
He's been absolutely terrible as Skipworth's backup hitting just .122/.234/.122 in 41 at bats in the SALLY

18. Brett Hayes - New Orleans
Has turned it on as of late, hitting .299/.347/.322 in 87 at bats with NOLA. Not hitting for power but the average and obp are there.

19. Jose Ceballos - Extended Spring Training
No stats on him at this point. Prob open up at Jamestown

20. Ryan Anetsberger -
Released at the start of the year

Blast from the Past
Mike Ryan - OF - Former Minnesota Twins outfielder is still pounding the ball, OPSing .872 in 108 at bats in NOLA.

Did we overlook someone?
Andy Jenkins - UTIL - He can play all over the place and is now hitting .316/.350/.408 in 98 at bats with the Jacksonville Suns

Someone test the water in Greensboro
Ben Lasater - 1B/3B/OF - He's too old for the league, but that hasn't stopped him from hitting .380/.437/.667 with 21XBH in 108 at bats with the Grasshoppers. He will hopefully be promoted sooner than later.

Brandon Turner - UTIL - Lasater's bash brother teammate is smashing the ball at a .328/.449/.469 clip in 64 at bats. With as bad as Jupiter's offense is, he too could be on his way up soon.