Monday, April 20, 2009

A look at the top 50 thus far: Hitters Edition

1. Cameron Maybin - Majors
Struggling a bit in the majors while batting 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, and 8th in the lineup. Cam is striking out alot and not hitting for much power, but he does have 4 walks his last 13 plate appearances (only 4 walks on the year).

2. Logan Morrison - Jacksonville
Fractured his thumb, out up to 2 months

3. Michael Stanton - Jupiter
Hitting .417/.488/.750 in 36 at bats in High-A. Has now homered in 3 straight games. 5BB 11k

4. Matt Dominguez - Jupiter
The other half of the Bash Bros, started off slowly with the Hammerheads, but is now hitting .270/.317/.351 in 37 at bats. No homeruns yet, but they'll come

5. Gaby Sanchez - New Orleans
Lost out on the 1B job with the Marlins after a horrid spring training effort, now settling in nicely in NOLA, hitting .348/.367/.435 in 46 at bats. Not showing much power, something that has always been a bit of a concern for him. Also, just 2 walks at this point is a bit shocking.

6. Chris Coghlan - New Orleans
Off to a slow start in NOLA, hitting just .233/.298/.326. He's been playing both 2B and 3B with the Zephyrs.

7. Kyle Skipworth - Jupiter
In the SALLY, Skip is hitting just .226/.273/.419 in 31 at bats. He does have 4XBH but just 2 walks to 12 strikeouts

8. Scott Cousins - Jacksonville
Has not adjusted well to AA pitching yet, but he started out slowly in Jupiter last year too. In 34 at bats, Scotty is hitting .176/.275/.206 with 1XBH, 4 walks and 13 strikeouts.

9. Jake Smolinski - Jupiter
Had knee surgery last year, should return sometime in late June/early July (maybe sooner)

10. Isaac Galloway - Greensboro
The surprise signing from last year is off to a strong start in the hitting heaven that is Greensboro, hitting .333/.333/.485 with 3 doubles and a triple. No walks yet, but he has stolen 4 bases without being caught

11. Bryan Petersen - Jacksonville
The former UC Irvine star is tearing up the Southern League, hitting .333/.390/.500 in 36 at bats. He has a double, triple and a homerun, to go along with 3sb (0cs)

12. John Raynor - New Orleans
It's still way early but is this where the ride ends for JR? He's hitting just .250/.302/.300 in 40 at bats with the Zephyrs. He has shown 0 power, no discipline (3 walks, 10k) and has been caught stealing 3 times (0sb)

13. Thomas Hickman - Jupiter
Jeremy Hermida 2.0 (although with each passing day this comparison keeps getting sillier) is just 2 for his first 27 to start the year (.074) with 1hr 12 strikeouts and 0 walks.

14. Greg Burns - Jupiter
He's hitting just .222/.382/.222 in 27 at bats so far with the Hammerheads. No one has questioned his ability to walk, but his lack of hitting and 0 power could be his downfall.

15. Jai Miller - New Orleans
Repeating the PCL, Jai is off to a .229/.341/.371 start with the Zephyrs. He's gotta start showing some more power, but considering he's on the 40 man roster, he'll be one of the first up to the big club if an outfielder goes down with injury.

16. Paul Gran - Greensboro
The ultimate utility man is hitting .325/.341/.425 in his first 40 Greensboro at bats.

17. Torre Langley - Greensboro
Now backing up Kyle Skipworth, he hasn't shown much of anything over the past few years. Not much to get excited over right now

18. Brett Hayes - New Orleans
Had a nice 100+ at bats in the PCL last year, but is off to a .194/.265/.194 with 0XBH, 3bb and 5 strikeouts

19. Jose Ceballos - Extended Spring Training
No stats on him at this point. Prob open up at Jamestown

20. Ryan Anetsberger -
Released last week

Blast from the Past
Mike Ryan -OF - Former Minnesota Twins outfielder is OPSing .864 in 37 at bats in NOLA.

Did we overlook someone?
Manuel Mayorson - SS - He's hitting the crap out of the ball in NOLA (.364/.391/.44) and he did hit .319 in Carolina last year. Could be a nice utility guy

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